>The main technical indicators


◆The input sensitivity:0.3μv/d

◆The input signal range:- 5mV~40mV
◆A/DConversion speed:50Times/SEC.
◆A/DConversion code number:1 million yards
◆Display points degree: 60000 yards or less
◆Zero temperature:≤0.2μV/℃
◆Full temperature effect:≤10ppm/℃
◆Sensor excitation power supply: voltage DC12 + / - 0.3 V, current 250 ma (200 ma) can be customized
◆Analog output: all the way (or 2) independent programmable standard load resistance current, voltage signal 4 ~ 20 ma Ω 600 or less,0 ~ 10 ma at 1.5 K or less Ω 1 ~ 5 v, 0 ~ 5 v or 10 K Ω, 0 ~ 10 v p 20 K Ω accuracy 0.15% R.S
◆Serial communication interface: RS - 232 - c, RS - 485, RS - 422, 20 ma current loop is optional
◆Two-way relay output interface: output normally open or normally closed contacts (250 v 5 a)
◆Monitor: six red 0.8 inch LED digital tube
◆Power consumption:≤10VA
◆Using the environment: power AC220 V, 50 + 1 hz - 10 ~ 50 ℃ temperature humidity 40 ℃ (20-90) % RH
◆Installation, appearance, opening (shape: width X height X deep hole or thick: wide X high unit: mm)

Note: to add * size for size without a wireless transmitting instrument

>Scope of application

Double crane scale, the rolling force scale, steel pipe scale,scale and other industrial electronic scales

>The main function

◆Weighing measuring channel automatic and manual calibration function
◆Analog output channel automatic calibration and transmitting range arbitrarily set, transfer function
◆Password address mode set the working parameters, control parameters and into all kinds of calibration
◆Programmable digital filter function
◆Automatic zero, automatic timing back to zero and negative automatic back to zero
◆Drift tracking function
◆Constant value control function and can be used for overload alarm and overload protection.
◆Can do wireless digital launch function. (note: model - F) after it
◆Can do wire weight compensation function.

>The performance characteristics of

◆Signal input and analog output all the digital automatic calibration, transmitting range can be set freely.
◆Wide range of input signal, suitable for all domestic or imported resistance strain type weighing and force transducer.
◆All calibration, set the implementation operation on the front panel, and friendly interface, convenient to operate.
◆Using single chip microcomputer integrated, highly integrated, less solder joints, high reliability.
◆Strong anti-interference ability, can adapt to the day the car brush the special environment of the power supply and large motor frequently.
◆Built-in multiple crown scale dedicated work program mode.

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