HQCX-6A Overload alarm

>Alarm way

◆Advance warning: 90% rated load, intermittent alarm
◆Delayed alarm: 110% rated load, sound and light alarm
◆Immediately report to the police: 110% rated load, and sound and light alarm,
immediately cut off Rising power
◆Sensor overload ability: to calculate the static above
classes charge 3 times of the rated load
◆Working temperature: - 40 ~ + 60 ℃ relative humidity:
45% ~ 95%
◆The power supply voltage:AC380V/220V±10%
◆Relay contact capacity: AC380V, 4 a: voltage 2000 v
◆Display mode: four LED digital display.Overload capacity calculation of sensor static load above classes 3 times of the rated load

>The main technical indicators

◆USES the single chip micro processor technology, automatic checking and automatic checking
◆Automatic zero tracking, in use do not need to zero
◆Strong anti-interference ability, reliable work
◆Adopt module design, instrumentation, sensors strong interchangeability
◆USES the LED digital display, intuitive is strong
◆Applicable range: 3-150 tons of bridge type and gantry crane or other type of Hoisting machinery
◆Error range: less than ± 5%

>Scope of application

All kinds of crane, gantry crane, port crane overload alarming, etc

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