The electronic scale of driving

Automatic weighing of lifting objects, vehicle electronic scale, as a kind of effective measuring equipment, such as metallurgy, chemical industry, nonferrous industry plays an important role, it automatically weighing in the process of the operation of the crown, and can realize the weighing data remote transmission, facilitate enterprise ERP management. It automatically weighing in the process of the operation of the crown, widely used in metallurgy, non-ferrous, mining, etc.

Range of application:

Can be used for all kinds of bridge crane, crane scale itself from the crown

The work level and the influence of the hoisting speed

Functional features

Independent design, high temperature resistance, high dust, high impact, strong vibration based on the crown itself

The structure characteristics of various kinds can choose security, with a standard pressure sensor, enough to maintain the original crane crown block, the maximum fracture safe hidden troubleInstrument classic, accurate and has strong function, high reliability, a variety of wired and wireless match Choose a variety of peripherals, links the big screen, printer, computer, etc. Can be more Taiwan crown scales with wireless networks, data processing optional rope compensation device

The main technical parameters
Weighing accuracy: + / - 0.7% (choose wire rope compensation device, the accuracy of + / - 0.3%)
Safety overload: 150% F.S overload limit: 200% F.S
Peel the range: 0-100% range of F.S reset: plus or minus 2% F.S or plus or minus 20% F.S
Power supply: 380 vac + / - 10%; 220 vac + / - 10%; 50 hz plus or minus 2 hz
Wireless transmission distance: not less than 500 m
Ambient temperature: instrument - 15 ℃ to 40 ℃;
Scale body: - 30 ℃ ~ 250 ℃
The biggest power: 80 w or less
Range: 5 t - 260 t

Crown block structure diagram:

Series of products:

Direct hangs Taiwan crown block
The balance wheel type car mesa
Rail type bearing type

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