Molten steel pouring system automatically

 Molten steel automatic pouring system, installation of transmission device is based on the original crane scale, the weight.Data transmitted to the ground receiving system, used in field monitoring and automatic timing records ladle.The information of the weight of the liquid steel, casting speed, casting time, pouring amount, the residual weight. pouring.After the computer according to the weight of the recorded data, statistics, query according to different categories,Summary, print casting output statements.

The system characteristics:

Steel casting automation control flow velocity and flow rate has rich interface, can be allocated to screen.Screen, computer

System function:

Using serial port receives the weighing data, record the electric furnace steel weight and residual liquid steel weight, real-time record all kinds of data, data processing and data in the database, the data can be printed out, can undertake statistical summary according to the different categories, the output daily report, monthly report, etc

The main technical indicators
Wireless transmission frequency: 450 MHZ
Wireless transmission distance: 100 m >
The precision of the system depends on the accuracy of crane scale
Noninterference weighing system and other external devices
Computer weighing management functions
Remote control function
Portable field instruments, lightweight, ac/dc

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