On-board ladle weighing system

 Along with the introduction of advanced technology, and implementing the new technology in the ladle scale is a kind of indispensable online weighing measuring device, the company combines GeChang home, outside the manufacturer's technical advantages, combined with the company making the advantage of the sensor, process requirements of different occasions, the design and the successful application of distinctive ladle electronic scale, need to adapt to different site, won the customer high praise.

Range of application:

Molten steel smelting steel plant of on-line detection measurement.

Functional features:

Special high temperature weighing sensor, to adapt to the environment ability is strong;
Scale structure strong impact resistance;
The wireless data transmission (or cable) technology, data;
Unified management;
System, long-term working stability is good;
The scale body installation, maintenance is convenient.

The main technical indicators:

Comprehensive precision:0.5%
Weighing scale:20t~400t
Way to work:continuous
The environment temperature:-40℃~+350℃
Safety overload:200%
Resistance to lateral force: 100%
Measurement methods :The static measurement

The system configuratio

Product series:

Platform frame type structure
Box type bearing structure
Shell bearing structure

A frame diagram:

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