> technical parameters

◆High precision, high reliability, good interchangeability
◆Apply to the rigging shackle, dynamic and crown block Marine rigging, the connecting fork, rings and reform function to replace the original axis, and weighing load.
◆Precision grade:0.02、0.05
◆The sensitivity:1~1.5±0.005mV/V
◆The input impedance:780±20Ω
◆Output impedance :700±2Ω
◆Insulation resistance:≥5000MΩ
◆For the biggest bridge voltage:15V
◆Safety overload:120%F S
◆Temperature range:- 30℃~+70℃
◆The material:Alloy steel, stainless steel
◆Protection grade:IP66,IP67
◆Cable:input(+) red output(+) orchid
input(- ) yellow output(- ) white

> specification, appearance and installation dimensions

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